Communications Tower - Work In Progress
By Assistant Fire Chief Eddie Raley
May 5, 2017


The crane has arrived and crews began assembling the 373 foot tower on Thursday May 4th. Assembly will be completed very soon.

Photos courtesy of Patty Raley.

By Assistant Fire Chief Eddie Raley
March 13, 2017

The lot has been cleared and the foundation has been poured for a new NEXGEN 911 communications tower that will be placed on our carnival lot just south of the firehouse. This 373 foot communications tower will enhance communication signal for police, fire and rescue personnel in the lower end of St. Mary's County and tidal tributaries. The site plans consist of the communications tower, a small equipment building, an access road and an onsite generator. The 800 MHz radios and paging radio will be installed and tested after tower structure is completed. The tower is scheduled to be up and running for summer 2017.