Department Social & Fire Prevention Foam Party
By Aux Vice President Jessica Snyder
June 15, 2024

On June 7, 2024, our Department and Auxiliary members gathered for a fun evening of Pizza, Ice cream, and Foam! This event was put on by our Social and Fire Prevention Committees as part of the Health and Wellness Initiative we are doing this year within our department. During the evening, families enjoyed time together, delicious carnival pizza, and a lesson on how their Mom's, Dad's, and grandparents, go into a smoke filled home or building (simulated through Foam) to rescue someone. The kids got a lesson on how firefighters search for victims, not hiding from firefighters if they come towards you, searching low to the ground, and how long it may take for them to get out of a fire. It is important for our families to see what our loved ones do when the 911 call is dispatched, and they have to rush out of the house, sometimes during dinner, and on holidays to save lives and property. Foam was provided by Fisch Inflatables, and it was a great show of tons of foam for all to enjoy for the evening.