February Company Drill - EMS Skills
By PIO / Fire Prevention Officer Scot Best
February 16, 2021

For our February Company drill, we received a hands-on demonstration of Ridge Volunteer Rescue Squad’s new Stryker LUCAS 3 Chest Compression System. The LUCAS 3 delivers automatic chest compression with minimal risk of interruptions. This allows for consistently accurate CPR chest compressions at a standard 30:2 (compressions:breaths) ratio or the high performance CPR rate of 100+ compressions per minute. This is beneficial as it will reduce rescuer fatigue and assist in short-staffed situations. The LUCAS 3 will be available for all CPR calls in our First Due, via response from Ridge VRS.

We also spent time brushing up on some basic EMS skills, such as spinal immobilization (c-spine, collars, blocks, backboard, and spider straps) and narcan administration. A tour of one of RVRS’s ambulances rounded out the night. Members spent the evening rotating in small groups to each skills demo. Special thanks to the Ridge VRS for bringing the LUCAS 3 and an ambulance.

Mutual Aid: Ridge VR
Attachment LUCAS3.mp4  (19,006k)