Monthly Fire Drill Focuses on Water Supply Operations Using Fire Boat 4
By PIO / Fire Prevention Officer Scot Best
April 28, 2021

During our April fire drill, we demonstrated and practiced water supply operations using Boat 4. Boat 4 not only responds to open water rescues, it responds as a water source to structure fires and wildfires that are in close proximity to the water, using it’s onboard deck gun. While afloat in Smith Creek, Boat 4’s crew used our new Rescue Rope Launching Gun to shoot a towline to shore (approx. 300 feet), where Engine 43’s crew attached a 3-inch supply hose. Boat 4 crew then pulled the hose to the boat and connected it to their pump. Once water supply was established, it was estimated that Boat 4 was pumping approximately 650 gallons of water per minute to E43. The supplied water was used by E43 crews to practice various pump, deck gun, and hand-line operations. The drill was successful in showing Boat 4’s capability to retrieve a dry supply line from land, establish water-to-land supply, and to continually pump large quantities of supply water to on shore units.

Units: Boat 4, MSU 4, Engine 43, Engine 44, Squad 4, Command 4, Brush 4, Utility 4
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