Home Fire Sprinkler Week: Protect What You Value Most
By PIO / Fire Prevention Officer Scot Best
May 21, 2021

Today’s Theme: Protect What You Value Most

The Ridge VFD and the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) remind you that there is no better home protection than fire sprinklers. If you build or buy a new home, protect what you value most.

Did you know a home fire can become deadly in two minutes or less? Homes built with lightweight building material and flooring burn faster, failing quicker (often collapsing in a fire). Common synthetic furnishings and belongings burn hot and fast and produce toxic smoke. A fast, spreading fire can take lives in only seconds. The answer to this modern home fire problem is a century-old solution: fire sprinkler technology. Installing home fire sprinklers is the best protection available. The proven, lifesaving technology is the same - just updated for home designs.

Each year, fires kill or injure tens of thousands of people, more than 80% of them in homes. Among those most at risk are young children and older adults. Fire sprinklers are comparable to having the protection of a firefighter on duty 24 hours a day.

The advantages of a home fire sprinkler system:
With Fire Sprinklers:
• The sprinkler closest to the fire activates
• Water contains or extinguishes fire
• Residents have time to safely escape
• Surrounding rooms are protected from fire and water damage

Without Fire Sprinklers:
• Flames grow and spread
• Heat and toxic gases spread room to room
• In as few as three minutes, the fire becomes deadly
• Flashover occurs and the gases and combustible materials burst into flames

It typically takes fire departments nine to 12 minutes after a fire has started to arrive. By then, firefighters will have to use high pressure hoses, applying water at 250 gallons per minute. The home may be lost and the family displaced.

Fire sprinklers work so fast that they often put out a fire before the fire department arrives.

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