Acquired Structure Training
By Firefighter Edward (Eddie) Raley
May 7, 2023

The Ridge Volunteer Fire Department acquired two sturdy structures for us to have the opportunity to train in. We started training on April 17th, our monthly drill night with bail out procedures, window clings, firefighter drags, SCBA buddy breathing, and Rapid Intervention Team training.

On Thursday April 20th we practiced the Denver Drill (Unconscious Firefighter Extrication), the Columbus Drill (Firefighter through the floor), reviewed our save our own rope bag, practiced air management and reviewed SCBA emergency escape procedures.

On Wednesday May 3rd, Second District Volunteer Fire Department joined us and we reviewed ladder placements, performed bail outs, reviewed and performed wall breeches, practiced the Denver drill as well as the Columbus drill.

Sunday May 7th was burn day. Members from Ridge VFD, Bay District VFD, Second District VFD, Naval District Washington (Webster Field) and Ridge Volunteer Rescue Squad gathered to experience some real live fire burns.

The morning started out with setting up water supply, structure familiarization, and a safety briefing for all that were participating. The crowd of firefighters were spilt up into eight different teams. Teams would rotate from RIT Team, to backup team and finally the fire attack team. With twelve rooms to burn in two structures we were able to rotate all the crews at least twice and some may have gotten a third burn.

Special thank you to the RVFD Auxiliary for providing food and drinks as well as the homeowner who donated the two structures. It was a good opportunity, for new and older members to train in.

If anyone has a structure that they would like to donate for training purposes, feel free to contact your local fire department.