Monthly Drill: SAM BOOST Smart Nozzle and Pressure Governor
By Vice President / Lieutenant Scot Best
August 22, 2023

Last evening, Ridge VFD firefighters gathered for our monthly training drill. Dale Bowen from DPC Emergency Equipment and Tristan Wertman from IDEX Fire & Safety came to discuss and demo the SAM BOOST system.

SAM is an integrated waterflow control system that manages the engine’s pump, tank, intakes, and discharges. The intent is to improve traditional fire engine pumping through automation, making pumping faster, simpler, and safer. It adds controllers to traditionally-placed valves and integrates them with the pressure governor. SAM BOOST allows up to two (2) hose lines to have automated water flow that can be controlled at the nozzle.

The SAM Smart Nozzle is designed to give the crew on the line direct water supply information and provide feedback to the engine using the SAM System wireless technology. The nozzle’s communication with the engine allows the attack crew to know water availability/supply, operate at rated nozzle pressure and flow, and charge the hose line on-demand. A lighted gauge on the nozzle provides information to the line crew. SAM System discharges are controlled from the SAM System control screen, allowing pressures to be adjusted automatically or manually at the valve. With the SAM Smart Nozzle installed, the pump operator is able to see valve pressure, rated nozzle pressure, actual nozzle pressure, hose/friction loss, battery life, and signal strength for each discharge.

We'd like to thank Dale and Tristan for volunteering their time to demonstrate this technology to our members.

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