Fire Prevention Week 2023 - Ridge Elementary School
By Vice President / Lieutenant Scot Best
October 20, 2023

On October 20th, Ridge VFD Fire Prevention educators visited Ridge Elementary School in Ridge.

The students, from Pre-K to 5th grade, were treated to a presentation on this year's theme, “Cooking safety starts with YOU. Pay attention to fire prevention.” Fire Prevention educators, along with the help of Sparky the Fire Dog, shared fire prevention and safety tips specific to keeping themselves and those around them safe when cooking. Student were also reminded of the importance of making and practicing a fire escape plan with the whole family. Afterwards, the students were given a turn-out gear demonstration to show them what firefighters wear into a fire and the sounds they make (airpack, breathing, shouting for people, etc.). The kids loved it!

After the presentation, the students were given an up-close tour of Squad 4 and Brush 4. Firefighters/educators displayed equipment and gear from the various compartments while explaining how they are used. Following the tour, each student was given a goodie bag full of safety information, coloring/activity books, and stickers.

Ridge VFD wants to thank the staff and students from Ridge Elementary School for allowing us to come by and share some fire safety information!

Units: Squad 4, Brush 4