Auxiliary gifts life-saving items to the membership
By Vice President / Lieutenant Scot Best
January 16, 2024

Throughout the year, our Auxiliary holds multiple fundraising events to raise funds for the support of the RVFD organization. At our January Business Meeting, members of the Auxiliary, including President Debbie Fairfax and Vice President Jessica Snyder, presented several important firefighter life safety items to RVFD Chief Brian Cooper, President Matt Ridgell, and Vice President Scot Best. The items, costing over $10,000, are described below.

1) Seek FirePRO 300 Personal Thermal Imaging (TI) Cameras (with Gear Keeper Retractable Lanyards) – Ten (10) TIs were provided (one for each riding position in Engine 41 (4 units) and Squad 4 (6 units). With the addition of these FirePRO 300s, we can equip each responding firefighter with a lightweight body-mounted TI to enhance situational awareness and increase firefighter safety. These new TIs will provide our firefighters with the ability to regain orientation and see hazards in low visibility or blackout smoke conditions. The FirePRO 300 is also equipped with a 300 Lumen LED flashlight.

2) First Responder Door Stops - One door stop was provided for each member. These reusable door stops allow firefighters to quickly gain and maintain access to a house or room. The door stops prevent opened doors from being shut, blocking firefighter access to needed areas. They can be placed on the top, edge, or hinge of most doors.

3) Firewipes On-Scene Firefighter Skin Decontamination Wipes - Firewipes provide a quick on-scene skin decontamination solution for firefighters after exposure to hazardous environments. The wipes are a convenient and effective way for firefighters to clean soot, smoke, carcinogens, and other potential hazards off their skin while they’re still on scene.

The officers and members are extremely thankful to the Auxiliary for these gifts. We are also thankful to our citizens who continuously support our Auxiliary’s fundraising events! This is what it’s all for.